Sponsor an Athlete


In 2010, we began using sports as an avenue for speaking into the lives of young people. Through the Play It Forward soccer and basketball programs, boys and girls are given much more than an opportunity to improve their athletic ability. They are also challenged to live as upright and responsible members of society and to place their trust in Christ. Through the athlete sponsorship program, they are provided with not only uniforms, equipment and opportunities to practice and compete in their sport, but also with dedicated coaches who care about all areas of their development. Play It Forward athletes must comply to firm expectations in regards to their school performance and behavior.

We currently have soccer and basketball for both boys and girls in Fonds Parisien and soccer for boys in Fond Cheval. Below, you can see some of the athletes currently in need of a sponsor. Click on their photo to see more information about the player and to sign up as their sponsor. If you have any questions, contact us at PIF@haitianchristianmission.org.