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While education is highly valued by Haitian people, it is unattainable for many Haitian children. Very little public education is available in Haiti and tuition fees are simply out of reach for many families. Through child sponsorship, a child can be enrolled in school, provided with the necessary uniform and materials, and fed lunch. When you sponsor a child through Haitian Christian Mission at just $35 a month, you have a powerful impact not only on the individual child but also on his or her family, school and community. The money that comes in through child sponsorship employs teachers, supports nutrition programs and gives children a Christian education and hope for the future.

We have a goal to get 1,000 students sponsored by the start of 2020. However, we cannot achieve this without your help! If you are interested in sponsoring a child through Haitian Christian Mission, our students available for sponsorship are listed below. If you have questions about sponsorship, please write to Char Frank here and she can help you get connected.

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