Sisters Helping Sisters

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Because every woman deserves a chance to have a better life. 

Haitian women are hard-working, talented, and very business minded. But too often, they lack opportunities to earn an income to support themselves and their families. Sisters Helping Sisters is a women’s ministry which provides such opportunities to women in the cities, mountains, and remote areas of Haiti.

Sisters Helping Sisters is a microloan program that helps Haitian women start their own business as a vendor, artisan, or other trade. The program also supports the ladies in their parenting, marriage, and community life.

“I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” Jeremiah 29:11

how can you get involved?

As an individual, a Sunday school class, or a women’s group, you can be a Sister helping a Haitian Sister and provide the financing for a low-rate loan for her to start a small business.

Typical start-up cost is $250. From this, 10% will go toward the HCM general fund to support the mission as a whole, 10% will pay for administration fees, and 80% will be directly invested in a Haitian woman’s small business. The recipients repay the loan at the rate of 2% monthly. Loan payments are invested back into the program, building the payer’s business or, when the business becomes self-supporting, financing another woman’s business.

The Haitian ladies need your prayers and your partnership. Together we can help each woman and her family create the kind of life every human being deserves. God bless our sisters in Haiti and around the world.