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We are planning the construction of a new sewing center where we can launch a full sewing program. We are looking for partners to help fund the construction and the initial launch of the program. Once launched, this program will be sustainable, providing jobs and teaching valuable skills.

Why a sewing program?

Unemployment in Haiti is high, just over 40%, with rural area unemployment rates estimated at 80-90%. High unemployment often leads to undesirable outcomes such as higher crime rates, negative public health outcomes, and systemic poverty. Fonds-Parisien is an area where unemployment and lack of income hinders residents from purchasing food, clothes, and supplies, and from paying for transportation, school tuition, and health services.

A similar program of jewelry-making has been established at HCM and is going strong. This program now employs four women. Because of this employment they can now afford to put their children through school, buy them the books and supplies they need, and better feed their families.

The sewing program is another way to create jobs for local women, teach useful skills enabling them to find employment elsewhere, and promote sustainable change in the community.

What will the hcm sewing program include?

The HCM Sewing Program will include a sewing school where local women can learn a set of technical and practical skills that can lead to employment and an income. This school will provide 10-15 students with sewing training  and a certification of completion at the end of the (length) program.

The program will also run as a business selling baby and woman products. Two of the main products of our brand, Meesh Meesh, will be quality cloth diapers for sale and reusable feminine hygiene products for distribution to girls and women in village communities.

The Sewing Center will initially create 2-3 paying job positions; however, as the project grows and enters the business phases, 10-15 new seamstress positions and 2-3 managerial positions will be created, bringing new potential employment opportunities to HCM and Fonds-Parisien.  Once established, the profit from the sales of Meesh Meesh will sustain the school and the business.

what is hcm's current sewing program?

Currently, HCM has a small sewing studio that allows for a few ladies to come in and work on projects. Occasionally, we have visitors come from Washington state to teach sewing techniques and new designs to our ladies. But we dream of so much more! Will you partner with us to help get this program into a real building where we can expand and develop a full sewing program?

what is the timeline?

One year will be devoted to fundraising for the cost of construction and equipment. Then construction will begin and we will begin interviewing, recruiting, and training instructors for the school. Our goal is in three-years time, the school will be in full operation, producing and selling Meesh Meesh products, and be self-sustaining.

what is the budget?

Our total budget for this project is $83,000, which includes construction, building materials, infrastructure and energy, furnishing, and equipment.

how can you help?

You can help us make this school and business a reality for Fonds-Parisien. We are asking you to please consider giving a monthly pledge or a one-time gift toward the construction of the sewing center and the establishment of the school. Your investment will help create jobs, teach valuable skills, and promote sustainable living in the Fonds-Parisien community.

Gifts Amounts and Token of Gratitude

$100—Emailed updates and photos during construction and at completion
$250—Name painted on the Sewing Center wall of thanks
$500—Hand-made small bag from the ladies of the HCM Sewing Center
$1,000—Large printed photo of the HCM Sewing Center and its employees and students
$2,500—Large photo and certificate of appreciation