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It’s a beautiful experience, hearing people's stories. Rich histories of relationships sprung out of the obedience of the body of Christ, buildings crafted from humble prayers, families knowing Jesus and changing generations to come, meeting basic human needs to go on to talk about matters of the heart and the spirit. These are the things we got to hear about while hitting the road and meeting those who humbly said ‘yes’ to partnering with the work being done in Haiti through HCM.

We got to meet men like Steve, Glenn, and the congregation at Kirkwood Road Christian Church who asked Pastor Sylvio “what do you need?” and prayed for the resources to make it happen. Then helped build a community pillar where people felt safe to come.

We sat with Chris and Debbie Woodard, in Quincy, IL, who use their God-given talents of pastoring and medical care to serve others overseas and in their local community in order to reach the core of people- the soul- to tell them that Jesus loves them.

We broke bread with the people at Imbler Christian Church, whose partnership dates back more than 35 years of support. They told stories that we felt a huge privilege just to hear. Stories of their hearts for the Haitian people.

We’ve sat with church leaders and missions teams at churches up and down the west coast of Oregon and connected with them about the difficult parts of ministry, and celebrated with them that God is faithful through those.

So many of our friends here in the U.S. have made lasting impacts on the lives of their brothers and sisters in Haiti because of their humble ‘yes’, and their trust that the Lord leads us where He multiplies.

To the churches and individuals we had the privilege to sit down with, thank you, for allowing us to share in your world for a bit, while we shared a small part of HCM’s world with you.

If you would like an HCM representative to come to your church, please contact Kristen, at

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