Peanut Butter Factory

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Why Peanut Butter?

We were inspired to create this factory as a way to supplement the feeding programs in our schools and also as a method to fight severe malnutrition in young children. There is no malnutrition treatment center in the southern region of Haiti, so we felt a huge need for this factory and program. In addition to the nutritional benefits of peanut butter, having our own factory creates jobs for locals and brings in revenue that will fund our malnutrition program. We started by giving 50 malnourished children 2 kg of fortified peanut butter a week and measured their progress. This type of peanut butter has been proven to be able to revive children suffering from severe malnutrition, and we hope to bring the same results to our communities.


Where Are We Now?

The HCM Peanut Butter Factory is functioning and growing quickly. The factory is being managed by Gietchen Bruny Dorlus and it now employs five people. Currently, the factory produces 120 jars a day using all Haitian-grown, quality-tested, organic peanuts. The peanut butter produced will be used in the HCM school lunches, sold to HCM churches and communities, and also sold in the US. The money earned from US sales will be invested back into the factory to finance the malnutrition program run out of HCM’s Christ for All Hospital. Our FIT Butter will be sold at the Giant Supermarket in Haiti soon and we are preparing for that so that we can continue to distribute our Peanut Butter and FIT Butter across the nation.

We are working with the Partners in Health hospital and peanut butter factory in the northern region to develop our fortified peanut butter product and to research its use in fighting malnutrition. We have been training our doctors and staff, led by Dr. Dieunord, in this form of malnutrition treatment.

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