Our Partners


Project Haiti Heart

Project Haiti Heart founders, Dr. Serge Geffrard and Dr. Ming Young, first visited HCM in 2004. The following year their two organizations partnered together to build the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Fonds Parisien. The building is currently used for deliveries, various surgeries and post-operative care. PHH continues to send teams to Fonds Parisien and has plans to expand HCM’s clinic and hospital and to open a medical school.



The International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) was formed in 1973 and since that time its people have worked in more than 90 different countries and continue to help in about 250 projects each year. HCM has been able to pass on gifts of food and other things from IDES to the Haitian people for years now. IDES has also sent teams and money to construct homes in Fonds Parisien for people who were made homeless by the earthquake in 2010.



Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism (FAME) is passionate in taking help and hope in the name of Christ to the unreached and under served in the world through medical evangelism. FAME has been sending medical teams to HCM, often two or more a year, since 2003. FAME also sends shipping containers of medical supplies and funded the construction of new homes for two of HCM’s physicians who lost their homes in the earthquake.



Generations of Hope, Haiti (GoHaiti) is a non-profit organization committed to reaching the lost and poor of Haiti at any cost. President and founder, Dr. Franco Jean-Louis has been working diligently with a variety of Christian organizations as a missionary medical doctor since 1995. His goal has always been the same: to meet the physical and the spiritual needs of the Haitian people, especially abandoned children and the sick.


Project Haiti

Project Haiti is a non-profit organization dedicated to medical care, education, and related services in Haiti since 1992.

Our efforts have been directed toward delivering equipment, supplies, and personnel support at Hôpital Biénfaisance, a 65 bed hospital with excellent surgical capabilities in the town of Pignon on Haiti’s Central Plateau, located 65 miles north of Port au Prince. From here we serve children and adults with advanced surgical care previously unavailable.


Project living hope

Project Living Hope is a brand new non-profit organization that is beginning to plan and fundraise for a multipurpose soccer and community center to be built in Fonds Parisien. The founders of Project Living Hope want to create, in that space, an environment that reflects God’s love for mankind, promote both spiritual and physical health, empower people to be independent through education and skill development, and give people hope in Christ, for through him there is a better future.