Update from HCM Executive Director, Edwens Prophete:


 Today, tensions in Haiti are still high from the renewal of protests last month. While some protests are peaceful, many are violent. They are protesting because the president will not cooperate and talk about solutions with other leaders in the country. Today (10/10) there is a nationwide protest scheduled, which will confront the president at his house and demand his resignation. Although, his resignation may not be the answer.  Many are afraid this may make things worse, as there is no strategic leadership ready to replace the current administration.  

The international community is still standing by the current president, because he is refusing to align with the current leaders of Venezuela. However, Haiti and its leaders are left on their own to figure out how to end this mess and move forward. This is a crisis situation—even worse than the days after the earthquake in 2010 or Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  Then, the international community came in and brought aid. With this situation, there is no outside help from anyone. All the ports are closed. International travel to Haiti is suspended.

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Today, gas prices are as high as $10 a gallon. There's a critical shortage of food due to violence on the main roads connecting the country, and lack of international aid. As such, many families cannot feed themselves, and they don’t know when it will get better. People are struggling just to get by day-to-day. Many schools are closed and most likely will continue to be closed until January to keep kids safe at home and off the streets.

At the HCM campus we've received many people for medical attention, but we are running out of supplies. We’re exploring safe and creative ways to transport medical supplies, food and fuel to the campus, but the answers are not coming quickly. Our HCM staff, pastors and church members are working tirelessly every day to meet what needs they can. Thank you for giving financially so we can buy resources when we find them available. Your prayers, love and support are sustaining us during this time.

This weekend will be a tough weekend for Haiti. Please everyone, pray!