Prophete Family Christmas

Christmas at the Prophete house is festive and traditional—a time for gifts, resting, backyard football and extended family around. Christmas for the average Haitian is also a festive time filled with tradition.  A Haitian family starts the celebration by going to midnight church service on Christmas Eve. Then they awaken Christmas day with the smells of good Haitian plantains, rice, legumes, and soup on the stove. All around can be heard children playing, choirs practicing and Christmas carols on the radio. 

But just as here at here at home, there are those that miss the festivities.  They grab a quick bowl of traditional pumpkin soup, then head in to treat emergencies at HCM’s medical clinic.  Or, they are our HCM local ministers, who prepare meaningful devotionals for the church instead of relaxing with family.  

These HCM staff, along with our school teachers, ground staff and others, are the backbone that makes the ministry at HCM happen.  The 3,600 children, the 17,000 patients and the 40 churches that are ministered to by HCM would not happen without our faithful staff.

As you consider your Christmas traditions, would you consider a year-end gift to HCM, to go in support of the Haitians who work every day to serve others in Jesus’ name?  With the political unrest in Haiti, it’s important we continue to seek donations to keep the work of the ministry running smoothly. Thanks for any help you can give, and Jwaye Nowe to your family from ours!

-Edwens Prophete

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