Education Ministry


Receiving an education in Haiti is a coveted privilege. Haitian Christian Mission seeks to make education accessible to the children living in the areas where our churches are located. We currently have about 11,200 students attending the fifty-three schools associated with HCM. In Haiti, children attend kindergarten for three years, elementary school for six and then high school for seven. We have two high schools, one in Port-au-Prince and one in Fonds-Parisien. In addition to those two schools, we have several others that have school buildings, but many of our schools actually meet in churches with several different classes dispersed throughout the one main room. Many of them are pretty rustic, but they all are educating children that would otherwise have no chance at all to attend school.

We have a director of education that oversees all the schools, works in cooperation with each of the school administrators and organizes teacher training seminars for the teachers. In addition to academics, we also teach the truths of the Bible to our students and share about God’s love for them.

Our schools are supported in large part by our child sponsorship program. When you sponsor a student for $35 a month, you provide them with their school tuition, books, and lunch. We have many, many students still in need of sponsors, so if you would like to sponsor a child, please click the button below to view the profiles of available students or email our sponsorship coordinator Char Frank here.

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