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Our churches are the core of our work. They act as the base for all of our ministries. Education, nutrition, and aid come from the church. We want the communities we serve to see that everything we do we do through God.

Our vision is to invest in the children of Haiti. We have a large emphasis on education and nutrition. Development of the country will stem from the development of children. We seek to raise up a Godly, healthy, educated generation that will help Haiti move out of this age of dependency. 

Church 2 Church allows churches in the states to partner with an HCM church in Haiti, both relationally and financially. This program provides opportunity for the Church to come together in really cool ways and serve with brothers and sisters of a different culture. Your church has the opportunity to partner with one of our 57 churches to help strengthen and advance our churches and schools and help us accomplish our vision.

How can you become a church partner?

HCM has 57 churches across Haiti. As a church partner, you will be connected with one of these churches and the connected school. Through a monthly pledge, this partnership finances the church and school, paying for pastor teacher salaries, ministry programs, energy costs, and other operational costs. We provide our church partners with detailed information about the church, its leaders, and programs and keep them updated on developments. This partnership also provides the option to build a hands-on relationship with the Haitian church through visiting teams and correspondence.

If your church is interested in a partnership, please contact Kristen Wahlert at

Thank you for supporting and praying for our churches and schools. 

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