Elizabeth "Beth" McMullen


Everybody in her little town knew her by the nickname Beth. She was a 4th grade elementary school teacher in Elgin, Oregon. Popular in all around the town, she greeted anyone crossing her path with a smile and a word of life. Her husband, Pat, went to be with the Lord a few years ago. He was an elder at the Elgin Christian Church in Elgin alongside with Ray McVee, Bill Jones and Gabe Hub. Those elders did a fantastic job working with the pastors of that church. The church grew in the community and was looked upon for advice and guidance when someone was in need. It was a vibrant church under their eldership.  The church also became a supporter of HCM.

After the passing away of Pat, Beth moved to Spokane WA to be close to her two daughters, Roxanna and Terri. On our (Pastor Etienne and Betty) trip to the Northwest last February, we went to see her. She was very vibrant and pleasant as ever. That was the last time we saw her on earth. She went to be with the Lord on Thursday the 20th of June. "Before she passed on, her two daughters and her granddaughter would look up her favorite songs and sing them to her.  Shortly after, she said goodbye to the world to be present with the Lord," according to Jan Simonson of Richland, WA. 


Beth visited HCM in Haiti several years ago.  Her time there gave her a love for the Haitian people.  She supported children in the Sponsorship Program, financially supported those going on mission trips and gave financially to various HCM projects.  She called our youngest son Marcus Bentley "my grandson." We will miss our long-time friend and ministry partner. If anyone desires to remember her life with a donation to HCM, we will engrave a plaque with her name to be hung in one of our schools.  Memorial gifts are a special way to honor a loved one and Beth was our beloved friend. We know we will see her again someday.

Etienne, Betty and Edwens

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