The Power of YES!


With the construction of a new elementary school on campus beginning this month, it puts us in a season of reflection. Reflection of how much God has moved through the many schools HCM supports throughout Haiti and how crucial the sponsorship program is for education to take place. Opportunity for education is a key weapon in the fight against the orphan crisis. In March of 2018 CNN reported there was at least 30,000 children living in orphanages, many of whom were placed there by their parents. On our first trip to Haiti it shocked me to find out that many children you meet in orphanages in Haiti have one if not two living parents. For many parents this decision to place their children in an orphanage comes from feeling as though it is either the only or best option for their child to receive daily meals, medical attention and in some situation’s education as well. 


I want to introduce you to the people in the photo above. Many of you may know George and Char for being the face of sponsorship in the states but their “YES!” is a whole lot bigger than just that. George and Char have sponsored a few students over the years but something about this story is different. You see, Jean “Dady” Terane, had lost both of his parents by a young age. Statistically what would have happened after that was that he would have either been left at an orphanage, or grown up on the streets, trying to find food, and eventually trying to find work. Fonds Parisien being a border town with the Dominican Republic, there are many opportunities for young men to get involved in illegal trade across the border. These statistics often end up in places where they make bad decisions in order to survive. But thankfully because of sponsorship that isn’t how the story has to end. Because of George and Char’s monthly commitment to Dady’s education and their many trips to Haiti, Dady has been able to grow up watching a husband and wife who love the Lord, serve his people. Dady will be graduating from nursing school soon and will have the opportunity to get a job and serve his fellow Haitians. George and Char’s simple “YES!” to sponsoring a child, to becoming state side sponsorship directors and the simple fact that have allowed Dady to see what a God centered marriage looks like, has had and will have a lasting impact on his life, just ask him.

Whitney Smith, Volunteer/Blogger