we are seeing more needs than ever before. Can you help widows, pastors, and children with needs they cannot meet themselves?


Through your gifts, we’d like to add to our benevolence fund medical care for our students by fall of 2022.

Since Haitian schools don’t have a school nurse, we’d like to offer care for students who fall sick during the school day. This fund would allow students to leave class and visit the clinic to treat fevers, upset stomachs, or injuries.



Ferdinand started working with Etienne and Betty in 1979. They knew him from Etienne’s hometown and could trust him with their new ministry. He worked as a groundskeeper and in maintenance. He was part of the family, and the Prophete boys called him Uncle. Now in his 70s, he’s not able to work as much, so HCM supports him with a small pension. He still likes to come and help where he can, especially with the Convention and pastor trainings.


Cherilia started working with HCM as a cook and housekeeper in 1980. She was a trustworthy person and served the whole mission well. In time, she developed rheumatoid arthritis and could no longer work. HCM made the decision to support her in her disability with a little monthly pension. In 2016 hurricane Matthew destroyed her home. HCM helped her rebuild her house.

Madame Bienvenue-edited.jpg

Madame Bienvenue's husband Theodore Bienvenue was a pastor at an HCM church in Port-au-Prince. He struggled with high blood pressure and suffered a stroke. The mission helped him with his medical care, but he still passed away in his early 50s. HCM continued to support his wife while their children finished school. Now, HCM still helps his widow with a small pension each month.