Edwens Prophete, CEO

Edwens joined the HCM team as a volunteer in 2010 after he saw his native country in an unimaginable state. His role was to manage logistics of HCM’s daily operations and projects. During that time, he was pursuing his MBA at Palm Beach Atlantic University along with doing small business consulting in Florida. Today he is on a new path as the CEO of HCM. His vision is to build better communities through the efforts of HCM and those serving in Haiti.

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Jonas Dorlus, VP of Haiti Operations

Dorlus graduated from WISE (Windward Islands School of Evangelism) on the island of St. Vincent with a degree in theology and from HCM’s Superior Institute of Translation and Interpretation in Port-au-Prince. He also has a diploma in education sciences and is finishing up a master’s program in education through Indiana Wesleyan University. He oversees HCM’s fifty-seven churches, compiles church reports, plans pastor training seminars, and is involved with many aspects of administration at the HCM campus. He is married and has one daughter.

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Dr. Etienne Prophete, Founder/Consultant

Etienne and Betty founded HCM in 1974 beginning with a humble front porch Bible study. From the beginning, he focused on five areas of ministry: : evangelism, education, healthcare, book translation and nutrition. During his 37 years as executive director, the mission expanded tremendously and Etienne and the people he brought up as leaders touched many lives in many different ways for the good of Christ’s kingdom. He passed the leadership role onto his son Edwens in July 2011, but still serves the mission and the Haitian people as a consultant, teacher, pastor, speaker and writer.

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Betty Prophete Founder/Haiti Adviser

For 40 years and counting, Betty has worked hard to spread God’s love through HCM. She is constantly coordinating projects, making preparations for visiting teams and events, addressing whatever problems arise, managing a host of HCM employees, and smiling all the while. While she loves being with her children and grandchildren in Florida and elsewhere, she spends most of her time in Haiti ready to meet any need that may arise.

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Lovely Erius, In-Country Executive Secretary

Lovely had been attending nursing school for one year when the Holy Spirit led her to attend Bible College in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. She graduated in April 2015 and returned to serve in HCM’s Chapotin church, leading their women’s and children’s ministry. Lovely worked as an interpretor for HCM’s visiting teams until she was hired as the in-country administrative assistant in May of 2016. She assists Betty with the visiting teams, Sisters Helping Sisters, and women’s ministry and helps Pastor Dorlus and the others on campus with various projects.

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Dr. Dieunord Saint-Louis, Medical Director

Dr. Dieunord has worked for HCM’s Christ for All Hospital for several years and assumed the role of Medical Director at the end of 2016.

Dr. Mathieu Benson, Site-Coordinator for HIV Program

Dr. Mathieu Benson studied at the Faculty of Medicine at the University Lumiere (Ulum) of the Southern Baptist Church Mission in Haiti (MEBSH). He has received advanced training and is certified in the care of patients living with HIV/AIDS. Benson did his residency at the hospital Bon Sauveur de Cange where he experienced management of these patients. He then worked for 3 years at the hospital Alma Mater of Gros Morne/Gonaives. Benson joined the HCM medical staff at Christ For All Hospital at the beginning of 2016 as Site-Coordinator for our new HIV program.

Delouis Desvarieux

Delouis Desvarieux, Haiti Finance and Administration

Delouis is a licensed and experienced accountant with 13 years of experience in administration and accounting, spending much of this time working for the nonprofit World Relief. He studied accounting at Institut Universitaire Quisqueya Amerique. His skills in administration, finance, computers, and language will help push Christ for All Hospital to the next level. Delouis is married and has a four-year-old daughter. He and his family are members of the HCM church in Port-au-Prince.


Geralbert Bossicot

Geralbert Bossicot, Education Director

Bossicot is responsible for supervising the HCM schools, planning training seminars for the teachers, verifying that the Bible is integrated in the classroom, purchasing uniforms, schoolbooks and supplies. He also coordinates the school feeding programs and assists the sponsorship program with their work. He has been trained in education and accounting and is now pursuing studies in law school. He is married and has one son.

Ismel Lubain

Ismel Lubain, Haiti Sponsorship Director

Ismel has been connected with HCM since the time we was a young child in the sponsorship program. He went through the HCM schools in Port-au-Prince and then went on to attend Bible school at St. Vincent. He has worked for HCM as an interpreter and now is managing the child sponsorship program. He works alongside George and Char Frank, Gerlbert Bossicot and others on his staff to coordinate all aspects of the child sponsorship program including monitoring the students’ attendance and performance in school and facilitating communication between sponsors and students. Ismel is an ordained pastor and is married.

George & Char Frank, Stateside Sponsorship Directors

George and Char first travelled to HCM in 2010 with Bethel Church and have since been back at least a combined twenty times. In addition to their trips to Haiti, they began helping find sponsors for both students and Play It Forward athletes. They also drove a donated ambulance from Oregon to Florida so it could be shipped to HCM. George and Char took over responsibility for the sponsorship program in August of 2014. They live in Pasco, Washington but enjoy spending their winters in Arizona. They have two children and seven grandchildren. Before retiring, George worked as a fire protection sprinkler fitter and Char worked as a financial specialist.

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Henri Brousseau, Haiti Finance Director

Pastor Brousseau was first introduced to HCM in 1980 and was greatly impacted by Pastor Etienne Prophete who served as a mentor to him. After working as an accountant for a commercial enterprise for nineteen years, he accepted Etienne’s request to become the mission’s finance manager. Brousseau also serves as lead pastor at Primitive Christian Church near the airport in Port-au-Prince and is a husband and father.

Michael Blumenstein, Stateside Finance Director

After owning and operating several small business throughout his career, Michael joined HCM in 2012 as a volunteer. He transitioned into a full time employee. Michael has been the Chairman of the Elders and the Treasurer at his home church of Crosspoint Christian Church in Conyers, Georgia. He holds a Georgia State Master Electrical License and has served on various board of directors of national and local organizations. He is married and has one son.

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Thonny Fabien, Play It Forward Director

Thonny has been directing HCM’s sports ministry, Play It Forward, since its creation in 2010. His job is to teach, coach and mentor others through the soccer and basketball programs designed to reach young people for Christ and encourage them to become successful and responsible members in their society. After high school, Thonny studied computers and attended the HCM translation school. He is married.

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Kristen Wahlert, Executive Assistant

Kristen joined HCM in March, 2016. Her role includes assisting with team logistics, as well as various administrative tasks. She graduated from Ozark Christian College in 2015 and is currently attending Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. Kristen is passionate about non profit work, communication, and relationship building. She feels blessed to be able to serve on the HCM team!

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