Who We Are

Mission Statement
Empowering the Haitian church to build better communities and relationships between God and His people through authentic faith to rise above dependencies and develop God given resources.

Haitian Christian Mission was founded by Etienne and Betty Prophete. They began with a small Bible study on the front porch of their home in Port-au-Prince in 1974 and for the last 36 years have maintained as their sole purpose the saving of souls for the kingdom of God. Over the years they expanded to include many ministries and programs all in the name of Christ. The impact of HCM reaches far beyond the city of Port-au-Prince out into the countryside surrounding the capital city.  Their son, Edwens Prophete, became CEO in 2011. Etienne continues to work as the founder/consultant.

Sharing the gospel and showing Christ’s love for all people remains our focus at HCM as we provide Haitian people with education, medical care, food, employment or child sponsorship. God has empowered us to accomplish a marvelous work over the years. It is through the efforts of amazing Haitian people and generous foreign supporters that so much has already been done.

We wish we could sufficiently thank all those who have been so generous toward us but the true thanks will come to them from the Lord who will say to them with outstretched arms:

“Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world.”
Matthew 25:34

We believe in the authority and infallibility of the Scriptures;

That the Bible is the final authority to decide in all spiritual matters;
In the virgin birth, in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ;
In the full deity and humanity of Christ;
That Christ is the Lord of and over his Church;
In the unity of all believers on the basis of Christ’s death and bodily resurrection;
That Jesus is coming again to reward the saints and punish the unjust;
That world evangelism is the top priority of the Church;
In doing good to all people to provoke into love and good work.

About a year after the earthquake in Haiti, we at HCM started realizing they we desired to be advocates for a real solution to the problems people face in Haiti.  Following the earthquake, we had to act quickly to meet immediate needs.  And thanks to the generosity of our supporters and other concerned individuals, churches and institutions, we were able to do that well.  As time passed, we did not want to continue just supplying quick fixes to problems or trying to solve all the Haitians’ problems for them. We wanted to do more than that and in addition, we wanted to start moving toward self-sustainability.

During this time, the words “Pro”…”for”…”People Reaching Out” started ringing in Edwens’ head along with the idea of doing more than just providing food, water, and necessities, of being more than simply a missionary on a mission. Professional, progressive, profound, ____.  That’s what we’re longing for.  These “pro” words speak of excellence.

Over the last few decades, the Haitian people have become very accustomed to handouts.  But in the long run, it gets them nowhere.  This is why we are striving toward sustainability.  Sustainability for Haitian Christian Mission and for the families we serve.  So around here, it’s not a hand out anymore; it’s a hand up.  And when people do receive, they will be held accountable and will be expected to do and be something more.

You have heard this proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  Just handing someone a fishing pole is not enough.  We need to show them where the fish are and make sure they have bait.  We want to give the support needed in order for success to take place.  At the same time, we need to seek out and listen to wise advice rather than just rushing after our own initiatives and just start doing things as we think is best.  For example, in our part of Haiti, we can’t grow mangos, but we can grow sugarcane.  So we won’t try planting mango trees.  We will not waste our time and resources on things that someone could have told us just will not work here.

Something we hear visitors to our campus in Haiti say time and time again is, “I thought I was coming to here to give and instead I received far more than I gave.”  The truth of the matter is, anytime you reach out to others, no matter where you are, you WILL get more than you give.  We want the best for the Haitian people and we want the best for our supporters, and fortunately both can be accomplished simultaneously.

We at HCM are on a thrilling ride right now.  It is full of ups and downs, but it is all invigorating and exciting.  We want you to join with us on the ride just as much as you can.

Edwens Prophete and HCM staff

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