Jan 2017: Blessing of a One Dollar Bill


Year-End Review, Fonds-Parisien Church Expansion Project, The Blessing of a One Dollar Bill, Prayer Needs, Goals, and a New Video

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Please click the button below to see our 2016 Year-End Review including year highlights, program numbers and a financial overview, as well as our goals for 2017.
We will be sending out the 2016 giving receipts at the end of January. 

2016 Year-End Review

Dear Friends,

As we begin 2017, we reflect on the growth that is happening at HCM. God has managed to use this mission, its people on the ground, and the devoted partners across the US and beyond to bring about change spiritually, physically, and socially, and we at HCM are so humbled to see it. From huge developments in our medical ministry to thriving sustainability projects, our mission is blessed with the opportunity to impact the welfare of numerous individuals and communities. But simply impacting lives here on earth is not our end goal. We see each of these developments as God opening the door for new ministry opportunities and making way for eternal change.

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see Him meeting physical and spiritual needs, using both to further the Kingdom of God. When we serve the Haitian people, body or mind, we want them to see Christ. Through service and love, we are able to be witnesses to the lost, but what then? We must be faithful to continue to minister to these people and bring them into the family of God. This is why at the center of all of the work at HCM are our churches. The communities must know that the church is there to care for them body, mind, and soul. Our medical clinics are organized by the churches. Our schools are run in coordination with our churches. And ultimately, it is our churches that spread the gospel message and strengthen the relationship between God and His people. The Church is the heart of HCM, and we are striving to better equip and empower our churches.

As our medical ministry and sustainable projects grow and progress, so must our churches. Currently, our 57 churches have a total member count of over 14,000. In 2016, our churches performed 754 baptisms. God is blessing our churches and we must keep up with His plans.

Those of you who have visited HCM, have likely attended church at our Fonds-Parisien church located on our main campus. As this church continues to grow, the building is becoming inadequate. We have planned an expansion that will benefit not only the week-to-week activities, but especially the annual HCM Convention. The expanded worship space will be a huge blessing to the church and a great advancement for HCM’s evangelism ministry.

Please see the article below from Pastor Prophete to learn how you can be apart of this new, exciting project!

God bless you all,

The HCM Family

The Blessing of a One Dollar Bill

By: Pastor Etienne Prophete, Founder of HCM

It was a Thursday morning while I attended Ozark Christian College. The student body was challenged to contribute toward helping a community in Africa that was undergoing a severe drought. The challenger said that animals and people were dying. I felt challenged. But that day, I only had one dollar in my pocket for my lunch. I wanted to give it toward that worthy project but what about my lunch? After serious thinking and reasoning, I pulled the dollar out and placed it in the collection basket.

In front of me was a couple by the name of Forest and Clara King. Forest looked back and smiled at me. I returned the smile. At the exit door, Forest shook hands with me and I felt something in my hand. It was five dollars. But the buck did not stop there. Every month, he sent me $25 through the Lord’s Reapers. But the buck did not stop there. Every three months, his church in Gilbert, AR sent me $125. But the buck still did not stop there. At the time of his passing away, he committed $2,500 for me in his will.

Since I knew how much he was devoted to see young people learn, I decided to build a third floor on an existing school in Port-au-Prince to train young people in the field of translation and interpretation. The buck never stopped. Those students are now serving the mission, other missions and the government of Haiti. They are saturating Haiti at a higher level and they are earning a living for themselves.

A few years ago, I was at Bella Vista Christian Church. Our brother Schoywer, who is no longer with us, brought me to the Gilbert church in Arkansas to see the King family home where my benefactor used to live. I was privileged to sit in Forest’s rocking chair. Just imagine my joy! To me it was like sitting in Jesus’s old chair. Some things in this life make us happy, don’t they?

Why am I writing this article? It is for the purpose of asking the members of your congregation to bless the mission with a gift of $1 per member. We need $90,000 to expand the church building to host the annual convention. Right now, we have no choice but to hold the worship services outside. When it rains, everybody has to run somewhere for cover. On Sunday morning, we need to start at 5 o’clock to beat the sun. By seven o’clock, it is too hot and no one can concentrate. Worship is nullified.

This year, we want to have a roof over our heads to hold the services for some 3,000 people in attendance. To do that, we would like to ask your congregation to commit one dollar per member to help us build this expansion to the church for the convention. If you feel challenged to meet this request, would your congregation donate one dollar per member to the mission? Today, the Lord has blessed the mission with an outstanding growth. We need to start the building expansion in March to get ready for July. Donations can be mailed to: Haitian Christian Mission PO Box 880808 Boca Raton FL 33488 or submitted online at www.haitianchristianmission.org/donate/. Please earmark it: Church Building Expansion. Hoping and waiting. Thank you.

With the KINGDOM in mind, the best is yet to come.

Etienne Prophete

(Check out a new video featuring Pastor Etienne Prophete at the bottom of this email.)

Prayer Wall

We believe in the power of prayer. Here are a few ways you can be praying for HCM this month:

  • For our leaders as they begin a new year and seek God’s guidance for HCM.
  • For the success of our 2017 projects and goals, including the church expansion.
  • For strengthened partnerships with churches and for new partner churches to come alongside us in our work.
  • For the medical, sports, and ministry teams serving at HCM in the upcoming weeks and months.

2017 Goals

Please pray with us as we work toward these goals in the upcoming year.
In 2017, we will…

  1. Expand the Fonds-Parisien church building to accommodate the growing church body and to host the annual HCM Convention.
  2. See 500 surgeries performed in the new Higgins Brothers Surgicenter for Hope, incorporating Haitian providers and visiting surgeons.
  3. Repair and improve the roofs at our Fonds-Parisien school.
  4. Strengthen existing partnerships and add to our number of supporting churches.


Last month, Ozark Christian College produced a short video featuring Pastor Etienne Prophete.  Take four minutes to hear a snippet of his story and see recent video footage from Haiti. (It it does not play well, follow this link.)
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