Feb 2017: A Closer Look at the HCM Evangelism Program


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As it is the month of love, we want to take this moment to say a special thank you to all of you for your continued partnership with Haitian Christian Mission. We are immensely grateful for all the love, support, and prayers you have given to HCM and the people of Haiti!

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Last month, we shared with you the importance of evangelism to HCM’s mission and our plans to grow our evangelism through the Fonds-Parisien church expansion project.

This month, we would like to give you a glimpse of the Fonds-Parisien church’s evangelism efforts. We hope to give you insight into both the vision of HCM and the practical application of that vision being carried out right now. Please enjoy this article written by our Director of Evangelism, Pastor Jonas Dorlus, which tells of his testimony, the work of Fonds-Parisien Church, the partnership network that HCM has with its 57 churches in Haiti, and our vision to expand our outreach.

We also have short testimonies from some attendees of the HCM Convention telling what the Convention means to them and the community.

My Testimony 

By Pastor Jonas Dorlus

I was born into a Christian family. My parents instructed and guided me to the right path and even now, I am still using the instruction I received from them and I am not led astray. There was a moment in my life when I had to make my own decision to follow Christ. After listening to a preacher sharing the word of the Lord on “a caring God,” I was touched. The Holy Spirit convinced me to publicly confess that He is Lord and to be baptized.

After being baptized, I became involved in the church’s ministries. I worked with the youth, teaching Sunday school and spending time with them guiding them in their walk with God and also for their future. At that time, I was in the HCM Translation School. Sometime later, I had a passion to study God’s word in order to be more effective in teaching His people, so I ended up going to Windward Islands School of Evangelism (WISE) in the West Indies, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines.

My life has been impacted by Pastor Prophete a lot. He is a man that loves people. He forgets himself to take care of others. Many times in my life, I get to the point where I forget myself to help others as well like Pastor Prophete did. I feel blessed when I get to serve people. Jesus said: “I did not come to be served, but to serve.” Ministry is about serving others. HCM has given me the opportunity to do so by getting involved in different programs in the mission. I first worked for the mission in 2001 as an interpreter. In 2003, I went to WISE. After returning from WISE in 2006, I offered my service to HCM’s Sponsorship Program, assisting Mrs. Josee Francois Joseph. In 2010 after the earthquake, I took the lead of the sponsorship Program for almost two years alongside Tochenemie Saint-Louis.

In 2011, HCM was in a transitional period where Pastor Prophete had to step back because of health issues. The CEO, Edwens Prophete had to fill the shoes of his dad, and his dad did not want him to do it alone. He called me to join Edwens in the battle. I moved from Sponsorship Director to Director of Evangelism. Since then, Edwens and I have worked well together in leading HCM. We complement each other, each using the talents God has given to us. In Edwens’ and Betty’s absence, I manage the daily operations of the mission as the VP of Haiti Operations. Being part of HCM has been a complete life change for me, allowing me to work for God and serve His people. I have been blessed so far. Trust me!

Prayer Wall:

We believe in the power of prayer. Here are a few ways you can be praying for HCM this month:

1. For the HCM churches and their pastors. We pray God will continue to use them to reach the lost and that the church body and individuals in it will continue to mature in their relationships with God and with one another.

2. For the expansion project, that God will provide the funds and manpower to complete the project and that all who enter its doors will know the love of Christ and the grace He offers.

3. For our staff facing personal struggles:
– For Bossicot, Director of Education, who lost his mother recently. Please pray for the whole family that they may know peace in this difficult time.
– For Durony, Prinicple of the Fonds-Parisien High School and Director of the Translation School. His wife is very sick. We pray for healing. Please keep her, Durony, and their children in your prayers.


Last month, we asked for your prayer for the upcoming medical and sports ministry teams. These trips proved to be very successful!

The soccer coach training was received eagerly by nearly 60 coaches from PIF and from communities across Haiti. The coaches applied themselves to the lessons in the mornings and the kids camp in the afternoons. They were so excited to receive their certificates at the end of the training.

The medical team did excellent work alongside our medical staff holding mobile clinics in some of HCM’s communities.


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The Ministries of the Fonds-Parisien Church

The Fonds-Parisien Church will celebrate its 40th anniversary this coming July! In these 40 years, the church has grown into a thriving church with various ministries, some of which you can read about below.

ASAP: ASAP stands for “Association of Aquila and Priscilla” (Paul’s “fellow workers in Christ Jesus” Rom. 16:3). ASAP is a group made up of all the pastors’ wives and deaconesses in the church. They gather to pray for prisoners, visit the elderly and other church members, and coach young women. This program has been a consistent ministry in our church.
Conferences: The past year, we focused on building strong families through Christ. The pastors and ASAP put together a conference on family, inviting people to talk on different subjects that have to do with conflict resolutions. The church members attended it eagerly and we had individuals afterwards telling us thank you for having this conference. Through this and other conferences, God is able to bring about change in individuals and their families as well as the church and the community.

Community Evangelism: I’d like to share one particular story with you. A group of people was evangelizing in the neighborhood, through one-on-one conversation and door-to-door evangelism. At this time, they got to share the Word of God with a Voodoo priest and the Holy Spirit convinced him to turn his life over to Jesus Christ. They went to the voodoo temple and burnt everything that he used to practice witchcraft and he was freed from the bondage of sin. God used the evangelism team to win his soul. Now he is in church with us at Fonds-Parisien worshiping the Lord with us. This is just one of the wonderful stories of evangelizing to those that haven’t met the Lord yet as their personal Savior. It serves as a reminder to us all that we may not know who God has planned for us to minister to, but if we follow God’s leading, He can use us to reach the lost in ways we cannot imagine.

Weekly gatherings: In addition to our Sunday morning service, we also have Sunday and Wednesday night prayer and Tuesday afternoon Bible study.
Retreats: Next week, the youth retreat will be held in Jacmel and many young people and adults are scheduled to attend. Please pray with us that it will be a success!
Choirs: We have a kids choir where the kids can receive vocal training and worship the Lord as well as a choir for the adults which has 65 people in it.

It is amazing to see all of these activities taking place in the church. God is at work here!

HCM’s Church Network 

HCM has been working with 57 churches located throughout Haiti, both in cities and in remote areas. The churches work together supporting and encouraging one another. They extend invitations to one another when they have church activities going on. Pastors preach for other pastors. And church choirs go to sing at other churches.

HCM partners with the churches in various ways. We schedule 4 pastor training seminars per year for all of our pastors with the help of Bethel Church in Washington State. We partner with the churches in education, feeding the students and paying the teacher salaries to offer the kids a quality, Christian-based education. We financially support some of the pastors. We would like to do it for all of them, but we are limited economically. We partner with them as well by doing mobile medical clinics in their communities. These clinics make a huge impact in the community, encouraging people to really connect with the church. I can say the HCM churches are doing fine even though the needs are innumerable. Several of our churches have church partners who help support the church and the school. If your church would like more information on becoming a church partner to one of the HCM churches, please contact us.

Expanding our Reach

Evangelism is vital to HCM’s work and mission, because we eagerly want to touch Haiti with the love of Christ. The only way for that to happen is through evangelism. Evangelism is the foundation of Haitian Christian Mission. Everything we do, we do it to promote the love of Christ so that those who haven’t turned to Him yet will have an opportunity to do it because of what He has done.

Evangelism gives birth to churches, and churches to schools, nutritional programs, hospitals, sport ministries, and so forth. All of these are channels to evangelize in order to win souls for Christ and transform lives spiritually, physically, and socially.

At Fonds-Parisien, we have our big annual event coming up in July, the HCM Convention. We usually hold our services outside because the church cannot hold everybody. One of the issues is that worship is disturbed by the rain and the sun. To solve this problem, we would like to expand and renovate the church to hold everybody. The project will be launched this coming March. Our goal is to finish in the beginning of July so that we can worship in it this Convention. The Fonds-Parisien Church has already begun collecting special offering that will be directed to the project and we have invited our other HCM churches to join together with us to get the job done. Lots of financial support is needed. House of Worship in Curacao has given to start the foundation and other churches in the US have come on board as well. But there is still a great need. On behalf of HCM, I am asking our donors to accompany us in making this dream a reality. Please, do not forget us in your prayers. Prayers can move mountains.

May God continue to pour out His blessings on you endlessly!

Pastor Jonas Dorlus
Director of Evangelism and VP of Haiti Operations

Voices from Convention

Hosting Convention in July is a large reason for the church expansion. So we wanted to let you hear from a few people who have attended the HCM Convention over the years as they describe what the Convention means to them:

“Convention is a chance for all brothers and sisters in Christ to meet together to worship God in unity.”
– Cadet Rodrigue, 36
“Convention is a moment for HCM to make a special impact on the community. An opportunity to connect the families and the Churches.
I love to see the unity which exists between the leaders and their commitment to serve God’s people. I learned from them a spirit of serving.”
– Jusme Dernier, 78
“Convention is an opportunity to make friends and to set good examples for families and our churches. It is a form of evangelism to reach those who haven’t accepted Christ yet. For me, the one word that describes the Convention is “growth.” It allows Christian brothers and sisters to grow spiritually. I enjoy the different sessions prepared especially for the women.”
– Jusme Esther Sigué, 27



“I enjoy all the activities of Convention, though the weddings are always a special memory.
A lesson I took from Convention is to move forward step by step toward your goal without looking back.”

– Pastor Charles Lunel, 50

“Convention is a great spiritual activity in order to wake up the churches of the mission. It is an occasion to encourage the families and the Churches. I particularly enjoy the songs and the training sessions. It has impacted me seeing the youth helping and working for God. This encourages me to work for God.”
– Méritus Rebeca Marie Dieunise, 18
“For me, Convention is a moment of relaxation in Christ. Convention taught me there is hope for Christians; don’t be discouraged. God will never leave you.”
– Guems Jean, 21

“Convention is an assembly of the churches of the mission to exalt God – a moment set aside to worship God together. The convention has impacted my life as I apply the lessons I’ve learned from the different training sessions.”
– Elien Samuel, 24

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