Trip Experiences

A trip to Haiti is sure to be full of new experiences and unforgettable moments. If you have traveled to HCM, we would love for you to share your experience with us and others. If you are considering a trip to HCM, check out the stories and photos below to get a taste of what a trip to Haiti could be like.
Oh my is so hard to sum up my experience in a few short sentences!! When I got back home I was of course greeted with the question “How was your trip?” The first answer that came out of my mouth was “I didn’t want to come home” and I really didn’t. I went to Haiti thinking how could I ever help anybody but the truth is the Haitian people were the ones who helped me. They helped me to remember that it doesn’t matter if there’s no Wi-Fi connection, the GPS on my phone doesn’t work, there’s a person going slow in the fast lane or my cell phone is about to die. What matters is discovering who God made you to be and using your talents to help others. Love Him and each other! I would definitely encourage anyone to visit HCM on a mission trip! Haitian Christian Mission is doing great things in His name!! <3
While at HCM, we had the blessed opportunity to meet our sponsor child, Diedly. I will NEVER forget it!
All the staff at HCM are very welcoming and hospitable. It feels like home when I am there!!
What a great trip as usual!! HCM does such a great job taking care of us while there. Good food, very comfortable housing and great people. Some of the projects we worked on were sewing with a few ladies, distributing feminine hygiene products, a mobile medical clinic, visiting sponsored kids, distributing food to the refugee camp, sorting clothes and of course playing cards with teens and bean bag toss with kids. The Haitian people are wonderful and I would encourage you to take a trip to HCM and take part in what God is doing at this mission.
My first trip to Haiti was filled with new experiences that grew my faith, stretched me and expanded my love for God and humanity. One of my favorite moments was visiting a refugee camp where I made a new friend, Elda. We bonded while playing a made-up game: throwing rocks at an empty aluminum can.
In October 2004, I traveled back to Haiti for the first after being gone for 19 years. At that time, I had the opportunity to serve at Haitian Christian Mission. Over the years, I’ve traveled to HCM countless times; I have seen a lot changes and growth. I have developed a lot of close friends that are more like family. I have been granted the opportunity to serve with some amazing men and women that love and desire to serve Christ. I have seen some of them sacrifice better opportunities just so then can serve at HCM - what a testimony to the relationship building the mission has done since the beginning. As a mission, HCM continues to employ mainly Haitians, giving them opportunity and hope. HCM is a light of hope and sense of pride for the people that work there and live within the community. As a Haitian American, I feel so proud and blessed to serve in a mission that is so compassionate, caring, loving, and dedicated to spreading the word of Christ.
One of the most moving things was seeing my boys (ages 12 and 10) playing basketball with the Haitians - and making the language barrier largely disappear. For the boys, this trip made the world both bigger (physically) and smaller (bridging cultural differences). That was even more than I could have hoped for!
I am always amazed at just how similar we all really are. How we laugh and cry and how we are all God's children. He holds us all in His loving hands.
I was blessed when I went to HCM in March, 2014 with a team from Bella Vista Christian Church, now known as New Life Christian Church. The most stirring moment I remember is praying at the site where the new orphanage is now being built. I also got to meet the young man we sponsor. It was a very moving day as we held Bible School in his village and gave the children peanut butter sandwiches and safe water to drink.
I was in Haiti in March of 2014 with a small group from Bella Vista, AR. We helped with VBS several mornings, distributing food and clothes afterwards. We visited the Wholehearted children's home and also the site where they plan to build. One of the highlights for me was meeting the young boy that I sponsor and his mother.
I really appreciated the hospitality of Miss Betty and her entire team. We were well fed and were able to sleep comfortably, which helped us do the work we set out to do. Haitian Christian Mission understands the varied needs of its short-term mission team volunteers and makes the trip enjoyable and gives them the tools they need to do God's work.
This last week, I had the privilege to be able to travel to Haiti and help work on an amazing project there, Project Living Hope. I was there with a great group of men, Dr. Guesly Dessieux, Jerry King, Shawn Taylor, Tyler Butenschoen, and Sheldon Traver. We stayed at Haitian Christian Mission, it was a life changing experience. It really brought home to me just how blessed we are living here in the US. The Haitian people are so amazing. We saw the power of prayer and God's grace at work. The experience was tremendous, I would encourage anyone who is able to go.

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